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When you think of Easter baskets do you immediately think of candy, candy, and more candy?!

With more and more parents implementing healthier lifestyles for themselves and their little bunnies, we thought it fitting to provide our top 25 egg-cellent ideas for creating an egg-straordinary basket. And if candy is your bunnies love language even better, mix in some of these treats as well. Win-Win!!

Alright, let's hop to it!

1. Silly String

Such a mess, but sooooo fun.

2. Stress Balls

Balloons filled with flour work great if you are feeling crafty. They don't last forever, but are super fun to play with and you can pitch them in a few days without the guilt.


These have really gone down in price and can even be found in the dollar isle at target.


All the rage! you could even get the supplies to make slime & be a real super bunny.

5. Swimsuits

6. Sunglasses

Little eyes need protection too, plus they will look like a cool kid.

7.Smencils or Smarkers

Scented pencils & markers, who doesn't love to draw with a strawberry.

8. Beach Towel

9. Pool Float

There are Easter themed ones at the pool supply store, simply precious.

10. Flip Flops

11. Cute themed throw blanket

12. Whistles

I didn't say this would be a silent list!

13. Sidewalk chalk

14. Colored bath tablets makes bath time so fun!

15. Fun bath soap

Check out our Primal Elements soaps - princess, baseball; so many to choose from.

16. Toothbrush

A new cute themed electric toothbrush to encourage good hygiene.

17. Coupons for a date with you or get out of a chore coupon

This one may be my favorite. Kids live for this, plus it's completely free

18. Water guns

19. Goggles

20. Chapstick

There are even a few super cute Easter themed brands!


Summer is right around the corner, get a fun summer reading book & be ahead of the game.

22. Play dough

23. Computer paper

Okay this may sound weird, but kids love crafts and how fun is a huge pack of white paper that is completely their own to do whatever craft or drawing they desire.

24. Nail polish

25. New cup & plate set

Themed of course!

Our bunny always loved to give swimsuits, goggles, and a pool float every year. It's just his thing (wink, wink).

We hope we have inspired you to step out of your comfort zone and get creative this Easter.

Let us know your favorite Easter ideas, we love to hear from you.


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